Blonde Belgian

A sweet white blend of Vignoles and Niagara grapes that has a smooth and fruity finish that tastes like you have just took a bite of the grape.  A truly great balanced wine that I’m sure you will love.

Classic Red

A sweet Concord wine that has a smooth finish with a great explosion of flavor with hints of strawberry and kiwi, it tastes like grape juice with a kick.

Romeo Red

A sweet red blend of Concord and Catawba grapes, Romeo Red has a sweet flavor with a tart finish with a hint of Cranberries. 

Peach Fuzz

Made from a carefully chosen blend of Calhoun Peaches. Our Semi-Sweet peach wine has sumptuous fruit flavor and a smooth Peachy Body, Can also be enjoyed by the glass or mixed to make a delicious, refreshing Sangria.


Just like the name, pear-fection is a perfect semi-sweet wine that is made with Bartlett pears to have a perfect balance of fruity, yet sophisticated notes to make this a "crowd favorite." 

Harvest Gold

Just like the name sounds, We harvest our Apple wine at the peak of deliciousness. This wine is a semi-sweet with a crisp finish.

Midnight Jazz

A semi-sweet blueberry Blackberry wine that is as refreshing as it is delicious. 


A white Italian Style dry wine that is a blend of Chardonnel and Vidal Blanc grapes.  It has a smooth finish with a full body.

Race Horse Red

A full bodied dry red wine that is derived from the Norton grape, it is robust and full of flavor.

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